Saint Cinnamon's Cinnfully Delicious rolls are the heart of our business. Only the finest ingredients are used in all     our products.  Starting with high quality Canadian spring the flour,proprietary cinnamon sugar blend containing Korintji "A" Cinnamon, the highest quality cinnamon in the world, then top it all off with a delicious cream cheese icing, fruit, nuts  or chocolate topping. The aroma will excite your senses and the melt-in-your mouth Cinnfully Delicious rolls will keep you coming back for more! All our cinnamon rolls can be served without icing. Other brands of cinnamon rolls require icing to mask their product.       

                                 AVAILABLE AS FROZEN THAW AND SERVE IN BOXES OF 6, 9, or 12.


The Big Cinn (6oz) - (without icing) The Saint Cinnamon famous original roll is the perfect individual treat size. Made fresh at our Saint Cinnamon retail locations and sold as singles, boxes of 4, or boxes of 6.

The Mid Cinn (3.5oz) - (without icing).  Made in full view of the customers at our Saint Cinnamon retail locations and sold as singles, or in boxes of 9 or 12.. as singles, or in boxes of 9 or 12.


The Lil Cinn (2.3oz) - The perfect snack sized treat.


The Gluten-free Cinn (2.5oz)- Our same Cinnfully Delicious rolls, but now made Gluten-free! 
Cinn sticks - Enjoy our delicious cinnamon sticks.  Available in our Saint Cinnamon retail locations and as frozen.
Food Service rolls (4.74oz) - These Cinnfully Delicious rolls made specially for the foodservice market.


          Our famous Big Cinn rolls and the Mini Cinn rolls may be enhanced by our specialty toppings:
          Cream Cheese Icing, Fondant Icing, Caramel Pecan/Chocolate Chip/Cherry/Apple